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Museum bookshop

Visiting a museum is often a point of arrival for many visitors, which, notwithstanding the wide spread advertisement of the works through media and the web, creates an excitement and anticipation that become amazement and wonder at the moment of entry into the museum. Museum merchandizing (which has grown since the passing of the Ronchey law) is there to gratify museum goers, seeking to put into their hands something that often remains impressed only in their memories and hearts.

We are aided by the bookshop, or, that display area that often "invades" museum spaces , but gives us the opportunity to come closer to works of art and make them ours by taking home with us a piece of art, an object, a pencil, a gadget.

MODULSTUDIO is at the forefront of important companies, producers of promotional items and gadgets; always tying their brand to the promotional market; developing in the last years a specialized sector dedicated to merchandizing items for museums. Many museums have chosen to be recognized through our products, products that, with our 20 years of experience, are treasures not junk, unique and uncommon.

The fundamental characteristic of MODULSTUDIO is a constant research of and presence in the promotional gadget market, with a historical anylisys of the obtained results, offering items able to satisfy both youthful and mature clientel , always keeping the quality-price balance at market levels.

MODULSTUDIO counts among its clients many of the most important national and international museums, with partnerships that have lasted many years, and make us proud of the work that we undertaken and that we are bringing forward. We continue to study promotional gadgets and their final uses, with an eye always on the new trends in the market, and the tastes of the public which we often see varies widely based on where people are from and their nationality.

The broad growth in the museum industry, and the wide variety of personalizable products we are able to offer bring us to make indepth, reasearched, and historically balanced studies and projections so as to make our products into real objects of common use that live with us in our homes, offices, and in all those places where we pass our important moments.