Four top merchandise collections for museums

Presentation of the new collections for museum bookshops by Modulstudio ART, made 4 different types of personalized gadgets for: Belvedere Museum, Prado Museum, La Mayson de Colette and Palazzo Fabroni, joined together by a common thread that is the artwork depicted in various forms and gadget solutions to meet different audiences.

The Belvedere Museum

The Belvedere MuseumThe allure of this Viennese castle and the modern and contemporary artworks exhibited within comes back to life in the new merchandise collection inspired by the museum. The collection includes a range of useful, practical and fun accessories decorated with fine reproductions of masterpieces that have made the Österreichische Galerie famous throughout the world. Notable examples of these are items inspired by the work of Gustav Klimt, such as “Judith and Holofernes”, reproduced on a number of elegant objects that make ideal holiday mementoes or gifts for friends and relatives.

The spectacle pouches are very useful for quickly storing reading glasses or sunglasses, and include a beautiful version bearing Klimt’s celebrated work, The Kiss. The computer mouse pads are made in microfibre with practical non-slip qualities, and can also be used to clean the surfaces of the various computer-related devices - but above all to add a touch of elegance to a desk. The personalized T-shirts are perfect for giving to friends, relatives and the youngest members of the family, while the glass key fobs make excellent items to carry around - with the artwork reproduced on a square surface on both sides.

The glass paperweights are one of the most useful and appreciated office accessories. Extremely elegant and refined, they add sophistication to any desk. Also worth mentioning in the new Belvedere Museum merchandise range are the unusual and very practical sleeping masks: a superb and rather fun item for all those who travel a lot and love useful and functional accessories. Or as an alternative you might opt for the delicate microfibre-covered mirrors available in a square or rectangular shape, which are also included in the Museum’s new range.

The Prado Museum

The Prado MuseumThe Prado in Madrid is undoubtedly one of the world’s most famous museums, one of a handful that should be visited and contemplated at least once in a lifetime. The new collection of merchandise inspired by the works contained there includes a wide range of amusing, captivating or plain useful objects able to remind visitors of the deep feelings experienced while viewing the wonderful artworks.

Certainly the most iconic and useful accessory in the range is the decorated wooden pencil. Together with the eraser and the elasticated notebook it is a tasteful and refined way of writing down your reflections or telling someone your thoughts during the visit. The new product range also offers some unique items like the personalised Christmas baubles.

There are also some unmissable desk accessories including elegant glass paperweights, perfect as a gift, and microfibre cloths that are extremely handy for cleaning the surfaces of a PC, phone, tablet or eyeglasses and sunglasses.



The Maison de Colette

The Maison de ColetteThe writer’s home at Saint-Sauveur-en-Puisaye is a museum regarded as an obligatory pilgrimage for lovers of French literature: and inside there is a new, rich and varied collection of merchandise to buy. This includes a range of items based on the theme of writing such as personalised notebooks, pencils and erasers decorated with four-colour prints, as well as personalised postcards - perfect to send to friends and relatives or to use as bookmarks.

Delightful spectacle cases made in fabric can be used at home or carried out and about. For a home studio or office, on the other hand, there is an elegant glass paperweight to keep loose papers in order and to prevent them from being scattered in a draught of wind. Those who love practical objects might be more inclined to buy a decorated microfibre cloth. Handy and useful, this is perfect for cleaning the surfaces of panels and devices, and also sunglasses, spectacles, PCs, smartphones and tablets.



Palazzo Fabroni Marino Marini

Palazzo Fabroni Marino MariniThe art gallery within the Palazzo Fabroni exhibits a rich and extensive retrospective on the works of Marino Marini. To connect with visitors and to leave them with a memento of the feelings aroused by the artworks, a special range of fine quality merchandise has been created. Useful and practical, these items make perfect gifts for any family members or friends who love art and beauty, but they can also be a gift for yourself, the memory of a special visit.

The range includes personalised pens and pencils - reasonably priced but giving the essential convenience of a writing instrument always at hand. The same applies also to the beautiful printed spiral notebook and the understated, elegant black ruler bearing a print with the gallery logo. More witty items include mugs, ideal for breakfast in the morning, for enjoying a herbal tea in the evening or for using as an elegant pen holder. The triangular boxes are perfect for storing trinkets or stationery and provide an attractive focal point in studios, offices and drawing rooms.

The new collection was also designed to include unique objects combining practicality, beauty and comfort. An example of this is the multifunctional flexitube, which can be used as a bandana, scarf, hair band, to cover the head or as a wrist band. This really useful item is truly versatile - you can always keep it with you as a defence against sudden changes in the weather, or just wear it to show off as an accessory in the very best of taste.

And talking of good taste, another exceptional item in the new Palazzo Fabroni collection must be mentioned: the personalised pens decorated with Swarovski crystal. The unmistakeable elegance of these superb click-action pens is certainly an essential part of the range. Perfect for giving or displaying, well-balanced and aesthetically superb, they are the ideal accessory to always carry around with you or to jealously guard in your desk. A rich and wide-ranging collection of merchandise, therefore, able to satisfy all types of visitors.