Museum gift shop: a smart business tool

Museum bookshop

Doing smart business through a bookshop is a goal every museum manager should strive to achieve. Addressing different kinds of customers has to offer hints and ideas, encouraging to keep looking for items capable of giving emotions and making the museum visit unforgettable.

That’s why working with experts specialized in the museum gifts industry is a must. We look for manufacturers and resellers with a strong know-how, who can provide us with the best possible solutions: this means that we can count on all available tools to shape a bookshop in a winning and consistent way and select the most appropriate items.

Another useful insight can come from the items that didn’t have the success we expected. We try to identify the reasons why and we analyze what made the sale of those items less easy, furthermore we try overcome obstacles making changes along the way.

Let’s never forget about museum visitors and their behaviors - that’s part of the strategy to enhance your business in a smart way. We have to study our customers behaviors and their reaction in front of each product in order to select the best items. Only through attentive reflections we can be certain that the bookshop is introduced in the right context and is closely connected to the market strategies of museum merchandising.

A bookshop with diverse materials
To fit in the right context, we always have to address our museum customer as effectively as possible. We differentiate our merchandise materials in a consistent and responsible way, we think about our target audience and develop customizations for museum products and gifts using different materials, like wood, microfiber, precious and scented objects. It is also very important to think about materials and customized museum gifts connected to technology - a technology that, should always be affordable and user-friendly, e.g. customized USB flash drives, USB pen drives, smartphone covers, calculators and watches.

Eco-friendly bookshops for eco-friendly museums
When it comes to museum store products, another aspect to keep in mind is the environment: arranging an area dedicated to eco-friendly items and gifts made with recycled materials could win a new public portion. Some apparently uninteresting products could turn out to be more successful than others simply because they are made with environmentally-friendly or recycled materials, thus becoming fashionable.