Customised Gadgets for Exhibitions, Museum Bookshop and Gift Store

All the museums of the world and all the art exhibitions have one thing in common: the Bookshop, gift shop, or the place where every visitor ends his tour and his visit to the exhibition. This area of the museum doesn’t just represent a sales channel, it’s the true soul of the cultural event itself. It is precisely by visiting this place that the visitor can bring home something tangible to remind him about the recent visit.

Customised Gadgets for ExhibitionsThe gadgets for exhibitions have a greater value than the simple definition of "gadgets" implies: they have a huge value that identifies the cultural display. Until a few years ago, the visitor was sure to find only standard items such as cups, magnets, stickers, etc.
But today it is important to make sure that the objects inside in the museum bookshops have a real cultural value and therefore they’ll be more appreciated by visitors.
It is important to keep in mind that these gadgets represent the dissemination of the artistic heritage of the cultural event or museum. In order to make this happen, the selection of gadgets and their customisation has to be made according to a set of fixed standards designed to enhance the cultural features of the events in which visitors participate. Avoiding any kind of useless gadget which is incapable of telling the exact history of its respective museum or art exhibition is a must.
There are many types of gadgets custom-made for exhibitions that come to mind: from unique objects you can showcase in your house or on a desk, to gadgets you can even wear.
The ideas to increase the gadgets sold bookshop are so many.

Here are some Customised Gadgets for Exhibitions examples:

- customising pencils or pens (Swarovski ball pens are wonderful) based on the type of exhibition they are linked to or simply with museum logo can be a winning idea for those visitors who want to bring home a souvenir of their visit at a reasonable price. These items can be customised with generic logos or even images related to particular works of art.

- postcards showing various images; they can be printed with museum logos, with images related to particular works of art or with a mix of the two options.

- compact mirrors: they are small, leatherette-made and customisable with different images. They are useful, perfect as a small gift and perfect for any woman.

- ceramic cups: customisable with any image you wish, they will cheer up the breakfast-time of visitors, who will start their day remembering the beauty of their cultural visit.

- customised t-shirts and sweatshirts: often printed with the museum logo, they can be an ideal gift that visitors can give to friends and family members or keep for themselves. Wearable gadgets are always much appreciated by visitors.

- USB flash-drives: can be customised with any type of image; visitors like the idea to buy an object that will remind them of a pleasant cultural tour and that they’ll also use at home or at work.

The ideas for creating customised gadgets for exhibitions are endless. Much depends on the type of events and facilities the gadgets are related to, but certainly an online search will help you choose the best solutions. What makes the difference is making uniqueness and usefulness a priority when it comes to gadgets. As already mentioned, visitors are always looking for something special that can also be useful. Nobody is interested in buying an object with no use.
Keeping in mind creativity and uniqueness will help you make the perfect choice.